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Privacy Policy

Projects In Knowledge is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of visitors to our Web site. While Projects In Knowledge does not require that you provide us with personally identifiable information in order to visit our Web site, please note that in order to participate in the continuing medical education activities that we provide, it will be necessary for you to register with us and provide this information.

About this Privacy Policy is our Web site for physicians and allied health care professionals, although it is open to non-professionals as well. The purpose of is to provide continuing medical education for healthcare professionals, and is intended for use only by a licensed healthcare professional.

Projects In Knowledge is the name we use to refer to our entire company, even though our formal corporate name is Projects In Knowledge, Inc. When we refer to ourselves as "we" or "Projects In Knowledge," we mean our company, Projects In Knowledge, Inc., including any subsidiary that we control (for example, a subsidiary that we own). We may share information among our subsidiaries that we own or control, but it is always protected under the terms of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy applies only to the Projects In Knowledge Web site. You should read the privacy policy at each Web site that you visit after you leave our site. We are not responsible for how other Web sites treat your privacy, once you leave the Projects In Knowledge site.

Privacy Policy Changes
If we change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. Users should check this policy to keep abreast of any changes.

Information We Collect
In this section of our privacy policy, we discuss the different types of information we may collect about you, and the ways in which we collect them.

Information We Collect from Unregistered Visitors
Visitors to our Web site can access the Web site's home page and browse the site without disclosing any personally identifiable information. We do track information provided to us by your browser, including the Web site you came from (known as the "referring URL"), the type of browser you use, the time and date of access, and other information that does not personally identify you.

Information We Collect When You Register
Customers registering on our Web site for continuing medical education activities we provide are asked to provide us with identifying information, such as name, contact information, and other identifying information. On our registration screens, we clearly label which information is required for registration, and which information is optional and may be given at your discretion.

On our registration screens you will also find a “Burning Question” field. Submission of a “Burning Question” is completely voluntary. By submitting a “Burning Question,” you grant Projects In Knowledge the right to share it with faculty to consider as they prepare their continuing medical education presentations.

When you are using a listserve—or member-only discussion board— on our Web site, you are posting a message and your user name, which is available for all registered members to see. You should not post any information to our listserves you want to keep private. It is a condition of our Web site that when participating in a listserve, you do not:

  • Restrict or inhibit any other user from using the listserve
  • Post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind, including, without limitation, any transmission constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or foreign law
  • Post or transmit any information, software or other material which violates or infringes upon the rights of others, including material which constitutes an invasion of privacy or infringement of publicity rights or which is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right, or derivative works thereof, without first obtaining permission from the owner or right holder
  • Post or transmit any information, software or other material which contains a virus or other harmful component
  • Post, or transmit, or in any way exploit any information, software or other material for commercial purposes which contains advertising, promotions or marketing

By sending a message through the listserve, you grant Projects In Knowledge the non-exclusive right and license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, and use such information. Projects In Knowledge reserves the right to terminate your access to, and use of, the listserve if you do not abide by these conditions.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are a technology used by the Projects In Knowledge Web site to identify a user as the user moves through the Web site. Your browser allows us to place some information on your computer's hard drive that identifies the computer you are using. We use cookies to track your usage throughout our Web site.

Your Web browser can be set to allow you to control whether you will accept cookies, reject cookies, or to notify you each time a cookie is sent to you. If your browser is set to reject cookies, Web sites that are cookie-enabled will not recognize you when you return to the Web site, and some Web site functionality may be lost. The Help section of your browser will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting cookies.

Although cookies do not normally contain personally identifiable information, if you are a registered user we may associate your registration information with cookies our Web site places on your computer's hard drive. Associating a cookie with your registration data allows us to offer increased personalization and functionality. For example, you can elect to have our Web site "remember" you and bypass the registration process each time you register for one of our educational activities. Without cookies, this functionality would not be possible. Projects In Knowledge does not currently employ cookies for this use, but is considering it to make our registration processes more efficient for you.

Children's Privacy
Projects In Knowledge's Web site is designed and intended for use by adults, and is not intended for, nor designed to be used by children under the age of 18, or any other unlicensed, untrained individuals. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we know is a child under the age of 18.

Uses We Make of Information
In this section of our privacy policy, we identify the ways we may use information about you that we have collected.

Aggregate Data
We create aggregate data about visitors to our Web site for activity development and improvement. We also use it for market analysis. We may provide information from our Web site in aggregate form, with identifying information removed, to third parties. For example, we may tell a third party what percentage of our registered users reside in a particular geographical area. When aggregated information is provided, we pool it from many individual records and strip it of any data that could be used to identify an individual before it is used. Any third party that receives aggregated data must agree not to attempt to re-identify the people it belongs to. Projects In Knowledge does not sell any user data to any third party for commercial purposes.

Third Parties
In addition to aggregate information (discussed previously), we may share some kinds of information with third parties as described below.

  • Business Transfers: If we transfer a business unit (such as a subsidiary) or an asset (such as a Web site) to another company, we will require them to honor the applicable terms of this privacy policy.

Protection of Information
In this section of our privacy policy, we discuss the security measures we take to protect information that we have collected about you.

General Policies
We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and other measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data respect your confidentiality. In addition, we have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss or misuse of information at our site that we have collected from you.

Projects In Knowledge Employees
Projects In Knowledge employees are required to keep customer information private, as a condition of their employment with the company. Only selected, authorized Projects In Knowledge employees are permitted to access your registration information.
Employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. All employees and contractors must abide by our privacy policy, and those who violate that policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their employment and legal action.

Privacy Questions or Concerns about Our Web Site
For privacy questions or concerns about the Projects In Knowledge Web site, please contact

Revision date: This policy was last updated on September 30, 2003.

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Iron Home > Curriculum > Curriculum 6 > Interactive Poster Sessions from the Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana...

Interactive Poster Sessions from the Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana 2013

Begin the Course
With increased experience in using the three approved iron chelators, clinicians and researchers have been able to further refine treatment regimens to reduce iron overload with the use of combination and other strategies. In addition, they have begun to explore the benefits of chelation in preserving/improving endocrine function and the chelation-independent effects of a chelator on the self-renewal and differentiation of haematopoietic stem cells. In this webcast, investigators involved in these groundbreaking studies present their research findings and discuss the implications of their work for clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the efficacy and safety of various chelator monotherapy and combination regimens, particularly in reducing cardiac and liver iron overload.
  • Assess the efficacy of the use of chelation therapy in lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes patients in order to determine the appropriateness of chelation therapy in your patients.
  • Evaluate your adult sickle cell disease patients for iron overload and the possible need for iron chelation therapy.


Maria D. Cappellini, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Milan
Chief, Hereditary Anaemia Centre
Maggiore Hospital
Milan, Italy


Yesim Aydinok, MD
Pediatric Hematologist
Department of Pediatric Hematology
Ege University Hospital
Izmir, Turkey
Maddalena Casale, MD
Medical Doctor
Dipartimento della Donna, del Bambino e di Chirurgia Generale e Specialistica
Secunda Universita di Napoli
Napoli, Italy
Mohsen Saleh Elalfy, MD
Head of Hematology/Oncology Unit
Pediatric Hemostasis and Thrombosis/Hemoglobinopathy
Ain Shams University
Cairo, Egypt
Roger M. Lyons, MD, FACP
President & Medical Director for the Myelodysplasia Foundation
Center of Excellence at CCCST
Hematology Department
US Oncology Network/McKesson Specialty Health and Cancer Care Centers of South Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Dudley J. Pennell, MD, FRCP, FACC, FESC
Professor of Cardiology
National Heart and Lung Institute
London, England
John B. Porter, MA, MD, FRCP
Professor, Department of Haematology
University College London
London, United Kingdom
Tiziana Tataranni, PhD
Laboratory of Pre-Clinical and Translational Research
IRCCS, Centro di Riferimento Oncologico della Basilicata
Rionero in Vulture, (PZ), Italy
Hongyan Xu, PhD
Associate Professor
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Sickle Cell Center
Georgia Regents University
Augusta, Georgia

Disclosure Information
Yesim Aydinok, MD
has received consulting fees, grants, and honoraria for scientific lectures from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation; and has conducted contracted research for FerroKin Biosciences, Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and Shire.
Maria D. Cappellini, MD
is a consultant for and on the speakers bureau of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
Maddalena Casale, MD
has disclosed no significant relationships.
Mohsen Saleh Elalfy, MD
has disclosed no significant relationships.
Roger M. Lyons, MD, FACP
has received consulting fees from Amgen Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
Dudley J. Pennell, MD, FRCP, FACC, FESC
is on the advisory board for Astellas Pharma, Inc. and Novartis Korea.
John B. Porter, MA, MD, FRCP
has received grant/research support from and is on the speakers bureau of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation; and is a consultant for Genzyme Corporation, Resonance Health Ltd, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
Tiziana Tataranni, PhD
has disclosed no significant relationships.
Hongyan Xu, PhD
has disclosed no significant relationships.
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